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AB Majlis Podcast: Navigating leadership as a woman in a male dominated industry

Case Focus: Astalia vs Octavia

Arrest Warrants: Restrictions while executing against individual debtors

Dubai : La Plateforme Incontestable des Affaires et de l’Investissement au Moyen Orient

Are eviction notices issued by previous landlords still valid following a transfer of property ownership?

Jurisdiction of the DIFC Courts

Limits of the DIFC Court’s jurisdiction to grant worldwide freezing orders clarified

Application of Article 96 of the UAE's Anti-Narcotic and Psychotropic Substances Law

Regulatory & legal updates

The New UAE Bankruptcy Law: A Better Regime In The Making

Navigating the Proposed Changes in Saudi Arabia's Tax Landscape

Further liberalisation of UAE fertility law - surrogacy now an option for non-Muslim expats

An overview of Federal Decree-Law No. (20) of 2023, concerning jurisdictional rules regarding labour disputes

General Commercial Gaming Regulatory Authority (GCGRA) – New Era in Legal Gaming

Global Legal Insights: UAE Litigation & Dispute Resolution Chapter 2023

DIFC Issues First-of-its-Kind Adequacy Decision on The California Consumer Privacy Act

UAE Corporate Tax: New Tax Procedure Law


The Future of Finance: Digital transformation, innovation, and the FinTech ecosystem in the GCC

The Laws and Regulations governing Islamic Finance in Oman

The Laws and Regulations governing Banking in Oman

White paper: Cybersecurity for SMEs in a Post-Covid era

Legal 500: UAE International Arbitration Chapter

A Clear Score Sheet: The key provisions of recent AML Guidance

ICLG: UAE Franchise Laws and Regulations 2022

The UAE's New SCA Licensing Regime

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