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D&O Liability Insurance Conference

Speaker at the 25th D&O Liability Insurance Conference.

Hosted by C5, at Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, London, UK on 8 – 9 March 2016.

Topic: The Impact of International Sanctions on D&O Liability Policies

Presenter: Michael Kortbawi, Partner

Michael alongside two other speakers covered:
        • How do sanctions affect insurers and brokers?
        • Fines and penalties:
            • When are they insurable/when are they not?
            • Grey jurisdictional areas – what cover is available where the law permits it to be offered?
        • Potential implications of sanctions, international sanctions and financial crime to the extent it impacts FI andD&O coverage:
            • How it could become more and more relevant: increasing international sanctions and governmental regulatory action affecting Russia, Ukraine and Iran
        • D&O claims resulting from payments of fines
If you have any Insurance queries, please contact Michael – michael.kortbawi@bsabh.com.
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