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VAT Implementation

BSA has an established network of associations and partners that are able to offer expert advice and services relating to VAT and the implementation thereof.

Amongst these services are the following:

VAT Due Diligence

With tax, accounting and legal expertise, amongst a host of other competencies to call on, BSA can conduct the appropriate due diligence on your  business enterprise, no matter the size or complexity, to analyse the impact that VAT will have on your systems, procedures, policies, staff competence, supplier compliance and even your corporate structure. We will report the risks that each element of your business will be exposed to and recommend corrective measures.

This will enable management to make the best decisions to ensure the successful implementation of a sustainable solution and also to mitigate the overall impact on VAT on your business and its success.

VAT Registrations

With the expected rush for registration and usual processing and administrative issues, BSA can provide the necessary support to facilitate the entire registration process and make it as simple as possible.

VAT Training

From sales persons and creditor clerks to accountants and senior management, training on the implementation and day-to-day administration of VAT will be imperative to ensure the VAT does not become a cost to the business. BSA and our network partners have appropriate training modules available to suit each staff grouping and departmental category to ensure that training courses provide the relevant detail at the relevant level.

VAT Manuals, Policies and Procedures

BSA, together with its business partners, have the expertise to generate customized VAT manuals, policies and procedures to cater for your particular business to ensure strict adherence with the requirements of VAT compliance and also to avoid penalties and interest that may be incurred in the case of any non-compliance by the business and employees.

John Peacock

John Peacock

Head of Indirect Tax and Conveyancing

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