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Johnny El Hachem

Water Supply Augmentation Project/Electronic Trading System

In this article, Johnny El Hachem provides an overview of two significant projects in Lebanon: The Water Supply Augmentation Project and the Electronic Trading System.
Water Supply Augmentation Project
For years, Lebanon struggled with water shortages in the summer and fall. It only stores 6% of its water […]

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Country report: Evaluation of the status of the Islamic finance industry in Lebanon

The method used to tap the real attitude of the main Islamic industry players in Lebanon has raised several questions:

• Can Lebanon be an attractive hub for the Islamic finance industry?
• Can Lebanon attract those investors?
• What can Lebanon offer?
• What is the real problem, if any, impeding […]

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Country report: Unpopularity of Islamic banking in Lebanon

Beirut-based Lebanese Islamic Bank started offering Shariah compliant services in 2005 by offering adequate and effective Shariah compliant alternatives to conventional banking products and services.

However, ethics alone may not be enough to help the industry reach its full potential. Competing with conventional finance may prove difficult […]

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