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The UAE Islamic finance industry hits the ground running in 2016

The UAE is moving ahead with its plans with respect to the development of the Islamic economy. 2016 started with the announcement of a number of Islamic compliant transactions that further foster Dubai’s objective to become a global Islamic capital.

Islamic products are getting more popular and […]

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Growth of the Islamic banking sector in the UAE on track

The Islamic finance sector in the UAE during 2015 featured a substantial expansion. The nature of growth witnessed
throughout the first and second quarter of 2015 was mainly seen in the banking, finance and insurance sectors. There has also been a growing interest in the Shariah compliant structures […]

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Recent Islamic Finance developments in the UAE

The international Islamic economy continues to grow and Dubai made good progress towards its ambitious aspiration to become the leading Islamic business hub. This article is a summary of the progress and the major transactions made in the UAE lately.
Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC)
The Dubai International […]

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The UAE — A key participant in the Islamic finance economy

A number of delegations visited the UAE in the past period with the aim of focusing on the terms of cooperation between the UAE and various European governments with respect to the promotion of the Islamic finance sector. This definitely is helping in shaping the progressive role the […]

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BSA and ISFIN host Islamic business networking reception in Dubai.

The reception took place in Dubai on 29 October 2014, during the World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) which was held on 28 – 30 October at Madinat Jumeirah conference. WEIF is the largest event worldwide for the Islamic economy.

BSA and ISFIN  collaboratively presented the opportunities for Dubai as […]

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Country report – UAE: Leading the way in the Middle East

The past month witnessed the announcement of several pieces of groundbreaking news fostering the growth and presence of Shariah compliant products in the Middle Eastern market. The latest developments are pushing hard at the limits and boundaries of the Islamic finance industry as serious new players are coming […]

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Back to basics: Sukuk structures

The Islamic financial market has seen continuous growth in the past few years, particularly in the use of sukuk. As this debt instrument is carving itself a prominent place in the international financial market and competing with conventional debt products, we have dedicated this article to shed light […]

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Country report – UAE: New standards for Sukuk

The Dubai Financial Market (DFM) officially published the final version of its ‘Standard for Issuing, Acquiring,  and Trading Sukuk’ on the 2nd April 2014. The first of its kind, it is a comprehensive standard aimed at enhancing the regulatory environment of Islamic finance. This complements the ‘Standard for […]

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Country report – UAE: Dubai as the global capital for Sukuk

Islamic finance is part of the sevenpillared plan to make Dubai a global capital of Islamic industry, economy and finance. There have been several recent developments and initiatives undertaken in order to achieve this objective, which was declared last year by Sheikh Mohammad Rashid Maktoum, the prime minister […]

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