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Abdulrahman Alnujaym

Abdulrahman Alnujaym

Telephone:+966 11 2978009
Location:Riyadh, KSA
Practice Area: Litigation

Abdulrahman is an associate in the litigation department of our Riyadh office in KSA. Abdulrahman specializes in litigation within commercial cases, and specifically focuses on strategic negotiations. He has previously consulted clients on shareholders’ settlements, reorganizations and dissolutions. Through extensive experience, Abdulrahman has honed his expertise in Islamic law of business transactions and compliance issues relating to the financial aspects of commercial real estate.

Abdulrahman has been practicing since 2014 and has developed a strong knowledge of Islamic finance and the Islamic banking system through his research papers. In addition, he has extensive experience in dealing with telecommunication corporations operating within KSA.

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