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Construction Law

With construction projects back on the rise after the financial downturn in the Middle East, optimism and hope have gained momentum for projects and investment across the region.

Our construction practice is driven by some of the most experienced legal professionals in construction law within the UAE, Lebanon, Oman, Iraq, France, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

With a combined applied experience of over 20 years, our highly qualified team provides intuitive advice, insight and adaptive exit routes to the seemingly dead-end legal scenarios often encountered in this challenging industry sector. We provide the full spectrum of legal support to the construction industry, as well as dynamic legal representation in a wide range of dispute resolution proceedings.

As part of our risk assessment services, we provide our clients with indispensable guidance to securing legally watertight and local law compliant contracts in the following industry subsectors:

  • Architectural, design and engineering contract review and drafting
  • Infrastructure, engineering and contractual risk management
  • Joint venture contract review and advice
  • Pre-tender and post tender contract and subcontract review.


Infrastructure, Engineering and Contractual Risk Management

When international contractors, engineers and developers run the risk of being lulled into a false sense of security by the familiar text of globally used standard contracts, we provide our clients with indispensable guidance to securing legally watertight and local Law compliant contractual arrangements that will act as effective shields in legal actions and dispute resolution proceedings.

Our areas of construction legal advisory and expertise include:

  • Pre-tender and post tender contract and subcontract review
  • Joint Venture contract review and advice
  • Architectural, Design and Engineering contract review and drafting
  • Dispute preventive legal advice and guidance

Whilst we aim to assist our clients in defusing the possibilities of a dispute developing, we do provide, at the same time, full legal representation in dispute resolution including:


We provide locally qualified professional litigation services before all levels of UAE, Lebanon, Oman and Iraq (Kurdish Region) Courts with full rights of audience. Our services include not only the formal privilege that our legal professionals enjoy in attending local Court hearings, but also of the invaluable hands-on experience acquired through this process. Construction litigation entails very different considerations for our clients than arbitration and adjudication, so knowing how to address these and successfully pave the way through a local judicial system’s pitfalls, makes us our clients’ preferred choice.


Whilst not as widely used in the Middle East as in other jurisdictions, adjudication clauses are often found in many of the contracts behind some of the most ambitious regional projects. Adjudication can be an intense process because it avails parties of essentially one short chance for them to present their factual and legal position. We provide the indispensable guidance that our clients need during this important phase of dispute resolution, in full cognizance of their commercial and practical priorities.

Local and International Arbitration

Our firm has close connections with the Arbitration Chambers in the jurisdictions where we practice as well as with the Chamber of International Arbitration and some of our professionals have acted as legal experts and have been appointed as arbitrators in local arbitral proceedings. Our regional experience in both drafting of legal pleadings and in advocacy during cross-examining expert and factual witnesses, provides us with a competitive advantage, that has led to our clients’ success in many of the matters in which we have been instructed.

DIFC litigation

The DIFC Courts generally apply DIFC Law which is in turn based on English Law. Our key legal professionals are fully qualified Solicitors of the Superior Courts of England & Wales and therefore fully conversant with the legal principles that would affect any legal outcome. We also employ professionals that have Part I and Part II rights of audience before the DIFC Courts and have conducted litigation proceedings on some of the very few construction matters heard before them.

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Antonios Dimitracopoulos


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