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BSA Announces the Launch of Spain and Latin America Desk

The renowned regional law firm, BSA Ahmad Bin Hezeem & Associates LLP, introduce the firm’s second foreign desk in a market leading affiliation with Spanish based law firm, Lupicinio International Law Firm

BSA Ahmad Bin Hezeem & Associates LLP is delighted to announce the unveiling of its […]

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Employee Monitoring in UAE
Meritas Guide to Employee Non-Compete Agreements in Europe, Middle East and Africa

Halal Certification And The Need To Set Unified International Standards

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The importation of meat and poultry products into Gulf Cooperation Council (“GCC”) nations, and other Islamic countries, is big business. One issue that has caused uncertainty in this important international market segment, is the necessity to obtain proper Halal Certification […]

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How to Navigate Conflict of Laws for International Employees – UAE

Multinational companies, with offices in the UAE, have recently been facing conflict of law issues rising upon termination of an employment agreement when an employee is transferred abroad within their network of offices.
Among the significant amount of claims handled by BSA, a classic case was one where […]

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