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BSA Client Event Report: Moving Forward

BSA Client Event Report: Moving Forward

July, 2015
An Oath report

BSA hosted an exclusive reception last month at the Burj Al Arab to celebrate the joining of new senior partner Dr. Ahmad Bin Hezeem, former Dubai Courts director general, and the changing of their name from Bin Shabib & Associates to BSA Ahmad Bin Hezeem & Associates LLP. Dr. Ahmad’s addition to the firm and the formation of a new shareholding structure, positions BSA as the first local and regional law firm with an international equity partnership format.

The reception introduced BSA’s team to over 300 guests, including his excellence HH Sheikh Hasher Bin Maktoum Al Maktoum, along with government officials, ministries, and public and private sector clients.

The evening celebrations were introduced by Taleb Kanaan, senior anchor for Al Arabiya, and presenter of the monthly program Hewar Al-Arab. Managing partner, Jimmy Haoula gave his sincere appreciate and gratitude to former partner and founder of BSA, Dr. Rashid Bin Shabib, following his retirement from the firm. Discussing the legal landscape, he emphasised their presence in the region (with eight office in five countries), and the vision of the firm for the future.

Haoula commented, “We are proud to have Dr. Ahmad on board. He brings with him a pool of knowledge, experience, knowhow, and a great privilege to the firm. This is a strong statement to the legal market in the UAE to demonstrate the strength and capabilities of BSA in the UAE and the region. BSA is here to grow and walk the path determined for the city of Dubai and the UAE. Together we are definitely the ‘Moving Forward’ law firm in the UAE, and the region.”

Dr. Lowai Belhoul, director general of Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department spoke of Dr. Ahmad’s impressive career during his various posts at Dubai Government, and considered the new BSA partnership to be an excellent one for the firm, the wider legal community, and the public that rely on the services of the lawyers. He commented, “Dr. Ahmad is known as a pioneer of the legal profession and the Emirate of Dubai. It is lawyers like Dr. Ahmad that raise the standard of the legal profession and paint the legal community in the best possible light. ”

Dr. Ahmad Bin Hezeem added, “At BSA we set a new launch for ourselves, after identifying an important common value amongst us. That value is our common passion and commitment towards the Dubai vision – the vision of HH Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, and the Ruler of Dubai. We, the people of BSA, are fully committed to serving our clients and developing our business in alignment of the vision of HH, who has supported my career at the government, and from whom I draw my faith on the bright future of BSA.”

BSA has transformed their legal format into a one of a kind structure, that does not today exist in the region or UAE, whereby the firm is independent of its individuals. It belongs to everybody that joins the firm. The firm will exist beyond the people; it will give the appropriate guidance to everyone that joins – UAE nationals, advocates, consultants, and internationally qualified lawyers.

The development and success of BSA is based on their people. It is made up of teams with great innovative minds, who are not only lawyers, but partners to clients in making decisions. BSA is here to stay and grow with Dubai; BSA is here to walk the pathway that Dubai has driven for progressive country.

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Published: June 2014
Publication: the Oath
Title: BSA Client Event Report: Moving Forward
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