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2015 July

Legal update: Insurance Authority Resolution

The UAE Federal Insurance Authority (IA) has recently issued its new Resolution 7 of 2015, amending Resolution 9 of 2011 (issued by the Board of Directors of the Insurance Authority), concerning the instructions to license and regulate the control of the activities of the companies to manage medical […]

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Insurance Regulation – Finding a Balance

The job of an Insurance Regulator is not easy. The Regulator is called upon to make determinations that from time to time, will adversely affect the interests of a group or particular entity, and will thereafter face intense criticism from that group or entity. Meanwhile, the group or […]

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BSA supports Dubai Autism Centre offering pro bono legal services

BSA has signed an agreement with the Dubai Autism Centre to provide a range of legal services on pro bono basis, as part of CSR initiatives.

The signing ceremony which took place last month at the Centre was attended by BSA staff members, including Senior Partner Dr Ahmad […]

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Water Supply Augmentation Project/Electronic Trading System

In this article, Johnny El Hachem provides an overview of two significant projects in Lebanon: The Water Supply Augmentation Project and the Electronic Trading System.
Water Supply Augmentation Project
For years, Lebanon struggled with water shortages in the summer and fall. It only stores 6% of its water […]

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Proposals for a subcontractor’s escape from a conditional clause

The common practice is that the main contractor will contractually delegate various elements of its works to specialist subcontractors. Such subcontractors may be sourced and chosen by the main contractor or may be specifically nominated by the employer. The UAE Civil Code1 at Article 8902 expressly provides for […]

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